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Global View


Welcome to the Global View module, your all-in-one solution for integrating and visualizing observability data from various internal and external sources. This module offers a unified interface that consolidates alerts, entities, topology, and metrics into a single view, empowering you with the insights necessary to swiftly identify and resolve performance issues across your infrastructure.

Key Features

  • Unified Data Integration: The Global View module seamlessly integrates observability data from multiple sources, providing a comprehensive perspective of your infrastructure. This consolidation ensures that all relevant information is accessible in one location, facilitating efficient monitoring and troubleshooting.

  • Root Cause Analysis: By leveraging consolidated data, the Global View module enhances root cause analysis capabilities. It correlates alerts with entities, topology, and metrics to identify the underlying causes of performance issues, enabling faster and more accurate resolution.

  • Insight Generation: The module generates actionable insights into performance problems, helping users understand the context and impact of issues. These insights guide users in implementing effective solutions, thereby improving system reliability and performance.

  • Interactive Dashboards : Featuring interactive dashboards, the module displays consolidated data in an intuitive and visually appealing format. These customizable views allow users to focus on specific metrics, entities, or alerts relevant to their roles.

  • Governance Policies: The Global View applies governance policies to incoming alert data, improving Mean Time to Recovery (MTTR), reducing noise, and automating actions where necessary. This ensures efficient alert management and timely resolution of critical issues.

Accessing the Global View Module

To access the Global View module, log in to your platform and navigate to the "Global View" section in the main menu. This will allow you to explore the comprehensive insights and data integration features available for effective monitoring and management of your infrastructure.