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Workload Test Run Results Dashboard Page

When you start a workload test or click a test result from the Completed Workload Tests page, the Results Dashboard page for the selected workload test run displays. The Results Dashboard page displays a test run’s test results. These results provide Key Performance Indicators (KPI) charts (for example, throughput, IOPS, latency) and a comprehensive set of statistics (thousands of statistics per second per Test Port) in real-time as well as post-test, for all workload test runs.

Within each chart, a wrench tool is provided to perform additional drill-drowns to get more detailed results such as IOPS per command, or switch to a different view such as Log view as well as switching between absolute time (aka wall clock time) or relative time (i.e., relative to test start, which is recorded as time 0). Some options are not available for some protocols.


To ensure all statistics are processed timely and without loss, you need ensure that your usage of WorkloadWisdom falls within the specifications outlined in the Design Limits and Support section.

If you have a WorkloadWisdom Virtual deployment, the minimum compute resource allocations are guaranteed. As the number of concurrent tests or concurrent users increase, the time to load charts and statistics increases.