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Workload Placement Terminology

Some terms used in Virtana Platform are common words but with meanings specific to the module being used.

Following are terms used in the context of Workload Placement that you should be familiar with.


A software application workload that includes: 1) All components required to run and use the application, such as servers, storage nodes, network connections, etc.; 2) Collected monitoring data associated with the application, such as conversations, usage metrics, etc.

archive file

A Zip (.zip) file provided by Virtana Services that contains monitoring data from and application mappings produced with help from the Virtana Services team.

Cloud Cost Management module (CCM)

Cloud Cost Management (CCM) is a module in Virtana Platform that helps you identify potential cost savings with your cloud service providers (CSPs), opportunities for optimizing resource usage, and CSP billing details for your environment.

compute instance

An individual instance of a virtual machine (VM) or a physical server node that can be associated with an application or a move group (in Workload Placement). A compute instance can belong to only one application or move group.

custom group

A group of related assets (servers, storage nodes, network connections, etc.) to be migrated together that you identify in Virtana using Custom Properties.


A piece of physical or virtualized hardware, such as servers, storage devices, network devices, etc., that run in a data center. Devices host applications.


The process of identifying the contents of an archive file and displaying the interdependencies of the identified objects in the Virtana Platform UI.

external device

A device that does not reside within a customer's data center.

internal device

A device that resides within a customer's data center.


The process of moving selected applications or workloads, and associated compute resources, from one location to another, usually from on-premises to the cloud.

move group

A user-selected group of applications and/or compute devices, usually with interdependencies, that are to be moved together, without compromising application availability and performance.


The entity under which specific workloads are grouped for migration and optimization, and to which a user and projects belong. An organization typically equates to a company, but can relate to a business unit of a company, etc


The contents of an archive (.zip) file that has been imported into Workload Placement. Projects are assigned to organizations.

Virtana Migrate Services

A paid service offered by Virtana that can provide you with a Cost Analysis of the estimated costs you would incur based on which Cloud Service Provider (CSP) you want to use. This allows you to model potential savings before you migrate your data to the cloud.

Virtana Platform

A cloud-agnostic SaaS platform offered by Virtana that is composed of multiple modules to help migrate, optimize, and manage workloads in cloud and hybrid environments.


A point-in-time snapshot of the amount of resources being consumed for a specific business need. Workload resources are related assets to be migrated together. In Virtana Platform, a workload could be an application workload or a custom workload.