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Workload Placement Projects Page

A project is created when you upload to Virtana Platform the archive file created from the data collected by VirtualWisdom. After the archive file is processed, an overview of the results are provided.

From the Workload Placement tab, you can:

  • Upload archive files to create projects

  • Delete and rename projects

  • View high-level information about each project

  • Access other pages in the UI


Collecting environment data using VirtualWisdom and preparing the file for upload to Workload Placement might require assistance from Virtana Professional Services.


A card displays for each project that has been created in Virtana Platform. Each card includes the project name and version (which is a secondary identifier for the project). The card also includes the total numbers of compute instances, applications, and move groups contained in the project.

The 2-level naming (project/version) allows you to upload multiple archive files for a single project. The combination of project name and version must be unique. For example, you can have projects named ExampleCo/dev and ExampleCo/finance.

You can click the Environment Overview link to jump to the tab that displays an overview of your environment. Other links, such as applications and groups, become active after the project dependencies have been calculated.

If you click anywhere on the card, other than linked text, you are taken to the Environment Overview tab for the project. You can access the Inventory page from Actions (vp-icon-actions.png).

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