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Workload Analysis

The Workload Analysis analytic is used to prepare and transfer workload data collected by IPM probes into WorkloadWisdom.   Workload data is analyzed and grouped by IPM and a file is prepared for download.  Workload Analysis makes it possible for you to use the most realistic data possible, collected from your production infrastructure to perform validation and testing of storage using WorkloadWisdom.

Running Workload Analysis

  1. Start by running a new Workload Analysis by clicking the New Analytic or Run New button.

  2. Click Add to select the entity to be analyzed.

  3. Select an entity type and entity.

  4. Specify a full export or an export with calculated clusters, groups of similar data profiles.

    The full export generates a large raw file, and the clustered option produces a smaller file, with the Advanced Options of either auto-detecting or limiting the maximum number of clusters.

    Select the protocol using the radio buttons.

  5. If exporting calculated clusters, check the Use Advanced Options and choose to auto-detect or limit the maximum number of clusters to a specified value.

    The default setting is to limit the maximum number of clusters to eight.

  6. Click the Prepare Export button.

    The file is generated.

  7. A message is displayed when the analysis is complete. Click the Download Results button to download the file.