White Labeling Virtana Platform

If you are a reseller or MSP licensed with Virtana Platform and you want to put your brand on the Virtana Platform application, you can use white labeling to modify the color, logo, and favicon for web pages and emails.

You also have the option of changing the Virtana Platform login URL so it reflects your company name.

All white labeling modifications are done at the organization level for the MSP or reseller. An administrator role is required to implement white labeling.

Do you want to use the Virtana domain?

The default Virtana Platform domain is app.cloud.virtana.com If you want to use this domain, you don't need to do anything.

Do you want to use a subdomain of Virtana?

To use a subdomain, you must prepend your name to the Virtana subdomain app.virtana.io. For example, <yourname>.app.virtana.io.

Do you want to use a custom domain?

To customize your Virtana Platform domain, you must first configure the domain with your domain provider. Then add the domain to Virtana Platform

Do you want to change the color or logo on the Virtana Platform web pages, login page, etc.?

Do you want to change the favicon on browser tabs?

Do you want to change the logo in emails?