What is Virtana Platform?

Virtana Platform is a unified SaaS platform for migrating and optimizing hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Legacy data centers can be comprised of thousands of components with unknown dependencies across application components and workloads. Virtana Platform helps you identify and group related components and workloads for migration to an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering by public cloud service providers (CSP) or to infrastructure offered by vendors (e.g. Nutanix, Dell, VMware, Azure Stack) in private clouds.

Virtana Platform consists of four modules that follow the journey of the move to the cloud. The Migrate and Optimize modules are currently available. The four modules include the following:

  1. Migrate (Currently available)

    Migration planning that provides actionable output to efficiently plan a migration to the public cloud.

    Verify your compute instance and application inventory, create move groups, analyze the cost of moving to the cloud.

  2. Optimize (Currently available)

    Optimization of cloud costs based on resources, performance requirements, and risk tolerance.

    Includes Cost Saving Opportunities. Bill Analysis, and Cost vs Utilization reports.

  3. Manage (Future)

    Infrastructure management tools to provide optimal cost-effective performance and availability.

  4. Automate (Future)

    Validation of cloud configurations and on-premises infrastructure to help control costs.