Webhook Payloads

Webhooks have two main payload types: inbound and outbound. Outbound payloads can be customized and sent as notifications.

To create a customized webhook payload:

  1. Navigate to your Account Profile > Notifications > Webhook.

  2. Click + Add Webhook.

  3. Fill out all fields; select Custom from the Payload dropdown.

  4. Input your custom JSON + Freemarker writeup.

  5. Save.

Example 1

   "message_type":"<#if payloadType == "event">${eventCategory.name}</#if><#if payloadType == "event_cleared">RECOVERY</#if>",
   "state_message":"<#if payloadType == "event"> [${elementName}] [${policyName}] [${eventTimestamp}] : ${policyDescription}</#if><#if payloadType == "event_cleared">The policy ${policyName} has CLEARED for ${elementName} and is no longer generating events as of ${eventTimestamp}</#if>"

Example 2

{"text": "${eventTimestamp}: The CPU on ${elementId} has exceeded 5% for at least 5 minutes. \n Event Category: ${eventCategory.name} \n Fqn: ${elementFqn} \n location: ${elementLocation}"}

Example 3

        "source":"Scality Tenant Alert",
        "title": "${policyName}",
        "tags": [
                "name":"Event Tag",
                "value": "External"
        "type": "INFO",
        "data": {
            "elementId": "${elementId}",
            "level": "WARNING",
            "message": "${policyDescription}"