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View License Usage Reports

Anyone with administrator privileges can view license usage in Settings. Licenses are available for Workload Placement and Cloud Cost Management (CCM) modules in Virtana Platform.

About This Task

License usage reports display licensing information for the Virtana Platform organization you are logged in to.

If you are an administrator of a parent organization but not its child organization, you will not be able to see or modify the mark-up rules for the customer.


You must have the administrator role to perform this task.

Ensure you are logged in to the correct organization for which you want to run a report.


  1. Click the Settings sprocket in Virtana Platform.

  2. Click License Usage.

    The License Usage page displays.

  3. Select the Module license data to view, either CCM or Workload Placement.

  4. Select the time Period for the report.

  5. Click Download and select Generate New Report.

    When the report is ready, a success message displays.

  6. Click Download and select the report to download.

    The report downloads as an XLSX file to your selected download folder.

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