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View Cost vs Utilization Reports


You can create, edit, or email reports that contain Cost vs Utilization (CvU) data. Cloud Cost Management (CCM) includes Default AWS and Azure reports for CvU that you cannot modify or delete. However, you can make changes to the Settings for a Default report and save the changes with a new name. Viewing reports requires only a read-only role.

You can also use policies to add constraints to the reports. Creating policies requires an administrator role.

About This Task

To complete this task, you must select a report filter and then edit and save the report settings.


You should be familiar with the use of tags and attributes in CCM before creating or editing reports. See Filtering in Virtana Platform and Filtering and Grouping Options for more information.


Virtana Platform reports display currency only in US dollars (USD}. To accurately reflect costs, ensure your data sources have the currency display set to US dollars in the AWS or Azure portal. For Azure, see Set the Currency Option in Azure to USD.


  1. In the CCM module, navigate to Cost vs Utilization.

  2. Select a report Filter that is associated with the data source you want.

  3. Select the report Settings to modify and click the edit icon to edit the report.

  4. Under Report Format, select the following:

    • Select from the Group Data By options.

    • Select Sort Data By options.

    • Limit the number of groups in the chart with a range from Top 5 to Top 1000 or Show All.

    • Under Options, select a Utilization Metric and Metric Statistic.

    • Select any desired Matching Conditions.

  5. Apply the configuration to view the report.

  6. Click the time range selector to view data for different time periods.

    Image of the right sizing time range selector for reports

    For AWS data sources, the Latest 12 Months and Year to date time range options are disabled, as they would not provide usable data.

  7. Other actions you can perform from this page:

    • Hover over any bar in the chart for a line-item breakdown.

    • Hover over or click any parameter in the legend below the chart to include or exclude the data associated with that parameter.

  8. To undo changes to Settings, click vp-icon-revert.jpg.

    This icon only displays when there are unsaved changes to Settings. After the changes are saved, you cannot revert the changes.

  9. Save the report settings.

    You can select the option to update the current report or save it with a new name. You cannot undo changes to settings after changes are saved.

    image of the Save menu


    Give reports unique descriptive names so you can easily distinguish them as you add more reports. Establishing a naming convention can be helpful.

  10. Email a report or schedule a report for email by clicking the email icon in the upper right of the page.


If Data Transfer values display as $0.00, it is because the real value is only a fraction of a cent and is rounded off to zero.


Sometimes the settings for a report do not apply to any resources in your environment. When that happens, the report will be empty, displaying no results. If the report is set up for email, a report might not be sent.

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