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View Cost Saving Opportunities Reports


Cloud Cost Management (CCM) includes Default reports for Cost Saving Opportunities (CSO). You can view or email reports that contain CSO recommendations. However, you cannot directly modify a CSO report. You can view reports with a read-only role.

Although the Default report settings cannot be modified, you can apply policy settings to the reports to set constraints for the report output. Creating policies requires an administrator role.

About This Task

To complete this task, you must select a report filter and then edit and save the report settings.


You should be familiar with the use of tags and attributes in CCM before creating or editing reports. See Filtering in Virtana Platform and Filtering and Grouping Options for more information.


Virtana Platform reports display currency only in US dollars (USD}. To accurately reflect costs, ensure your data sources have the currency display set to US dollars in the AWS or Azure portal. For Azure, see Set the Currency Option in Azure to USD.


  1. In the CCM module, navigate to Cost Saving Opportunities.

  2. Select a report Filter that is associated with the data source you want.

  3. To change the data source for the report, click the report Filter Edit button.

  4. Add or remove resources under Data Sources or use the Filter Entities option to reduce the scope of the report.

  5. Apply the configuration and Save, if desired.

  6. On the Right Sizing tab, click the time range selector to view data for different time periods.

    You cannot modify the time range for Idle Resources reports. Only the most recently identified idle resources display.

    Image of the right sizing time range selector for reports
  7. Other actions you can perform from this page:

    • View and edit any policies associated with compute instances in the Recommendation Details table.

      Administrator role is required to edit policies.

    • Download the report as a CSV file.

    • Email a copy of the report for the current week.

      You can view, but cannot email, reports for prior weeks.


      If you want a copy of a right sizing report from a prior week, you can take a screenshot.

    • You can view or manually implement a change request, if the feature is enabled.

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