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Verify the Project Import

After the project file has completed uploading, you should verify that the results are what you expected.


  1. Navigate to the Environment Overview tab.

  2. In the Inventory Counts area:

    • Confirm that the number of virtual devices shown matches what is expected.

    • Are there names without IP addresses?

      If so, this must be resolved. Dependency mapping can only be done using IP addresses, not object names. Contact Virtana Support for assistance, at

    • How many conversations were identified compared with what NetFlow displays in ?

  3. In the Network Throughput area:

    • Are throughput rates as expected?

      If they are lower than expected, is everything being discovered that should be?

  4. In the Conversation Summary area:

    • Do the conversation counts seem appropriate?

  5. In the Network Services Details area:

    • Are these the services expected? Are any missing?

    • Can you identify which NetFlow Conversations are taking up the most bandwidth?

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