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VDI Workloads

There are two Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) workload models that simulate key VDI loads:

  • VDI Bootstorm. Simulates booting a number of VDI guests across NFSv3

  • VDI Runtime over both FC & iSCSI. Simulates the runtime impact of VDI guest.

When a Virtual Machine (VM) is assigned to a desktop pool, a clone (thin size) of the VM is created. The thin clone is called replica. After the replica is created, it starts creating Linked Clones (LC). An LC is an empty disk that, over time, grows, according to block changes requested by the Windows GuestOS. The replica disk is read-only and used as primary disk. The writes and/or block changes are written/read from the replica disk.

VDI workloads are designed to provide an interface that can be easily understood by a VDI administrator. VDI parameters are expressed in terms of pools, replicas and linked clones.