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VDI Runtime FC & iSCSI Workload

This workload simulates run time activities of multiple desktops based on the linked clone model and is available for both Fibre Channel and iSCSI.

Linked clones are combined in pools, with 2000 linked clones per pool, maximum. Linked clones are located in datastores which represent a FC or iSCSI LUs in this model. The number of pools is limited by the number of appliance physical ports used in the test bed. There is a 1-1 relationship between the pool and the physical port. This workload generates read/write operations distributed randomly within the region of the LUs occupied by Linked Clones. The size of these operations and their rate vary according to a statistical model trained on experimental data.

VDI Parameters

Use the VDI parameters for the runtime workload to specify the number of VDI pools, datastores per pool, and linked clone characteristics including the load in IOPs per linked clone.


The workload configuration specifies the Load per Linked Clone, which is the desktop user activity in IOPS. To change the unit of measurement for Load per Linked Clone the unit of measurement is measured select the down-arrow next to the current value. The default of 10 IOPS corresponds to a light user and 80 IOPS corresponds to a heavy user.

Linked Clone Size represents a “delta” between a particular desktop and the replica. The Linked Clones are modeled as non-deduplicable data patterns located on the Datastore.

As an example, consider a VDI setup consisting of 4 pools with 500 Linked Clones. The size of the Linked Clone is 4 GB, the Datastore per Pool is 4, and the Load per Desktop is 20 IOPS (medium activity).

This configuration should be supported by a test bed with Physical Ports. As a result, 2000 desktops will be simulated generated overall storage traffic of 40,000 IOPS distributed among 4 Ports. The overall storage capacity required to support this test will be 16 LUs, 500 GB each. 500 GB of each LU will be used as the space to which IO commands will be addressed.