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VDI Bootstorm under NFSv3

The VDI bootstorm workload provides five sections: workload description, provisioning, bootstorm, tracing parameters, and runtime parameters. For information regarding workload description, tracing parameters and runtime parameters, see Creating a New Workload Test.


The workload description highlights the fact that VDI bootstorm is using linked clones over NFSv3.


Provisioning functions like the pre-test in a protocol workload and sets up the environment to emulate the bootstorm. You specify when provisioning is run, the Replica (or guest image size), whether it’s a linked clone and the number of linked clones per pool. There can only be one pool per NFS share, so if you want to create multiple pools you need to ensure the test bed is configured to use as many pools as you have shares.


To change when provisioning is run, the down arrow next to the current value and select the value from the drop-down list displayed above.


Use the bootstorm section to specify how many guests boot and the delay between each boot.