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The Utilities button allows you to manage the ping and traceroute diagnostic tools.

Using the Ping Utility

Ping functionality is specifically meant to provide feedback to the user on the connection status of NIC0, the port configured with the Initial Configuration Wizard. You can also use ping to check the connectivity of probes, DNS and NTP servers, SMI, switches, LDAP servers, backup destinations, or other data center components.

  1. Type in the hostname or IP address that you wish to ping and click Ping.

  2. A Success message indicates a successful ping. An Error dialog box indicates that the ping was not successful.


Using the Traceroute Utility

Traceroute allows you to verify the route (network path) of network packets. The ability to view this route makes it easier to determine where along a network path an error might have occurred.

  1. Select the Traceroute option.

  2. Type in the hostname or IP address that you want to trace the route for and click Traceroute.

  3. The route that network packets travel from the Appliance to the hostname or IP address specified are listed.