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Using Report Variables

Report variables act as a short cut for using a report with different entities. They allow you to quickly and easily substitute a named entity without needing to re-select and filter every chart in the report, or create an entirely new report.

Report variables are defined at the report level but used to filter charts. Report variables can be created at any time to an existing report or added when creating a new report.

You can filter multiple charts using a single entity. Let's say that you have a report that has multiple charts that use ESX Cluster as the entity type. A global filter for ESX Cluster can be applied to the report by using a variable for ESX Cluster.


In the example below, we have selected a named ESX Cluster (ProdPlatinum) by using the ESX Cluster variable field.


Alternatively, you can also use the Edit Variables window to populate the variable field.


Once the variable is selected, every chart that uses the ESX Cluster variable in its filter selection is filtered for the ProdPlatinum cluster.