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Using Post-Test Cleanup

  1. Click Post-Test Cleanup from the Setup section, located on the left vertical section of the Home page.

    The Post-test Cleanup screen displays.

  2. To use Post-Test Cleanup workload test, clone it from the library by clicking Clone.

  3. Click Start or Edit to configure the Cleanup workload.


    While both options allow you to define, customize, and run the Cleanup workload each time you run it, use Edit if you plan to configure a Cleanup workload with certain default settings that you always want to start with and use it repeatedly, and use Start if you plan to run the Cleanup workload ad-hoc right away.

  4. Once cloned, configure the workload and select a Test Bed.

  5. Depending on whether you selected Start or Edit earlier, click Start to run the workload right away, or Update Workload Test to apply the changes first and then open the workload to run it.

  6. You can access the cloned Cleanup workload from the Workload Tests page.

  7. Once the Cleanup workload is running, a default max duration of 7 days is set. This is the maximum time duration for post-test cleanup, not the actual expected run time. Post-test cleanup finishes when all the data is removed, an error is encountered, or after it reaches the maximum of seven days.