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Using Policies

Policies are efficiency tools that allow you to set configuration parameters and apply these "rules" as a unit to resources. In Cloud Cost Management (CCM), policies define the optimization parameters for Idle Resources reports and Right Sizing reports.

You must have an administrator role in Virtana Platform to create policies.

You can create more than one policy, but only one policy can be applied to an entity at a time. If you create multiple policies, you must set the priority to determine the order in which policies are applied. There is a limit of 25 policies per report type for any organization.

From the Recommendation Details table on the Cost Saving Opportunities page, you can view the details for any policy associated with a compute instance.

You can use policies to customize report output for your specific use cases. For Cost Saving Opportunities, the policy parameters that are called Constraints provide boundaries for the recommendations submitted by CCM. You can modify these constraints to implement greater or lesser restrictions on calculations for right sizing and idle resources.

For example, you can set right-sizing constraints so that calculations will never consider decreasing CPUs or they will only resize CPUs based on historical utilization or the calculations for CPUs will have no constraints at all, etc.

You can also set parameters for Scope of Analysis. After selecting the data sources, you can use the same attributes and tags used in global Report Filters to further refine the scope of the policy. You can view the potential impact of any policy changes from the Affected Entities tab and then delete or commit the changes. Saving edits to a policy results in a recalculation, which immediately commits the changes.


Editing and saving a policy forces a recalculation of the entities in your environment. This can take as much as 15 minutes.

Additionally, the Change Requests feature can be enabled or disabled from the policies configuration form.

The CCM module includes default policies with predefined configurations for Idle Resources and for Right Sizing. You can use the policies as-is or you can edit and save them.

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