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Using an Existing Export Job

If an Export Job is already defined in Microsoft Azure, the same job can be used for generating Azure data under Virtana Platform.

  1. Go to Microsoft Azure

  2. Go to the Search Bar and type cost export to redirect to Cost Exports

  3. In the Cost Exports section, we will see a list of jobs which have already been configured. See an example below


In Virtana Platform, copy the Export Job Name which is configured to run with a frequency of "daily". For example in the above list, we can see vp-usage-daily-cost-report is set to run daily. Once Export Job name and region is identified, the user roles need to be setup to enable data collection. Refer to Assigning Role for collecting Cost data from the Export Job for more details.

Once all above steps are done, use the identified Export Job name and region in the Cost and Usage Report configuration screen as mentioned in Create a Cost and Usage Report in Azure