User Management in Virtana Platform

You can invite new users or edit existing user accounts from the Settings sprocket in Virtana Platform. All users are added at an organization level. Users are added either as administrators or contributors.

  • Administrators have full access to organization management functions accessed from the Settings sprocket. They also have full access to all installed Virtana Platform modules.

    Only administrators can add or edit user accounts.

  • Contributors have full access to all Virtana Platform modules, but they do not have access to Settings, which contains all of the organization management functionality.

When invited, users receive an email from Virtana with a link to the Virtana Platform. The user must click the link to complete the registration process with Virtana Platform. When registration is complete, users can log in either with credentials or using SSO, depending on how the customer environment is configured.


Any users added as administrators can add, view, modify, and delete organizations, projects, and users. So be sure that anyone provided administrator access should have full privileges.

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