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Usage Data Collection

In order to understand Customer's usage of IPM, an option called "Usage Data Collection" has been added under Settings -> Administration


Administrator needs to give consent by enabling the checkbox "Enable Usage Data Collection" and also need to configure the Outbound Email (SMTP). Once enabled, periodic email will be sent to "" at the end of each month in the form of PDF report. Optionally, Administrator can provide additional email addresses in case they would like to receive same report.


List of ROI Metrics Collected

Avg Close case count

Avg Open case count

Avg Number of Alarm enabled

Avg Number of Cases Closed

Avg Number of Compute Hosts

Avg Number of Ethernet Switch Ports

Avg Number of FC Switch Ports

Total Number of Cases Open

Avg Number of Scheduled reports

Avg Number of software defined storage

Avg Number of Storage Arrays

Total Number of User Logins

Total Storage Array Effective Capacity