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Uploading a License

All license types are installed the same way.

You cannot use a Subscription License on an OVA with an Evaluation License. You must deploy a new OVA and upload a new license.


You must have downloaded the proper license file to a system that is available to IPM.

You must have administrator privileges on IPM.

  1. From the Settings tab, click Licensing.

    The Licensing page displays information about the IPM Base License and all of the WisdomPack licenses installed.

    Licenses are contained in a single file that can be replaced with new values. Values can be replaced, but not added, to a license file.

  2. Click Upload License.

  3. Use the Browse button to select the license file and click Upload.

    A dialog box displays, warning you that the upload deletes previous licensing information.

  4. Click OK.

    The new license file is uploaded and a message informs you that the license file was successfully loaded.

    The new license displays on the Licensing page.


    You can view license usage details by accessing License Reports.