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Upgrade Workloads (BETA)

To upgrade a Versionable Workloads Framework compliant workload model, the Upgrade Workloads functionality allows you to select a template file provided by Virtual Instruments for the workload model, and apply the upgrade for the affected workload system-wide.

Starting with WorkloadWisdom 6.4, a new Versionable Workloads Framework (VWF) was designed to provide better separation of workload content from the underlying platform, which provides two critical capabilities: out-of-band delivery of VWF compatible workload models, and multiple versions of a VWF compatible workload model. For example, if in 6.4 you ran a set of tests using a current workload model in 6.4, and then in 6.6 the workload model was upgraded to include new functions that also altered the workload’s behavior, then if it was a VWF compatible workload then you can keep and run both the old and the new versions of the workload model.

The currently supported VWF compatible workload models are: