Upgrade Agent

To upgrade the Windows agent, follow the installation steps listed on the main Windows Integration page using the version of the agent you wish to upgrade to. The latest versions of the agent can be downloaded from the agent repo and details of the releases can be found on the Github project page.


Installing a new version of the agent will overwrite changes you have made to existing agent configuration files located in C:\Program Files\CollectdWin\config or C:\Program Files (x86)\CollectdWin\config depending on your environment. To preserve those changes, it is recommended you create backups of the files prior to upgrading.

Check Version

You may need to verify the version of the Windows agent you're currently using.

  1. Open the Element Detail panel for a WINSRV element.

  2. Navigate to Attributes (squared in green).

  3. Verify that the agent (squared in blue) contains the correct version number.

    step 2-3