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Update the Azure Client Secret Key

Virtana Platform requires use of the Client Secret Key to access Azure metrics. The key is provided to Virtana Platform during configuration of the Azure integration.

The secret key has an expiration date that is set when the key is created in Azure. When the key expires, Virtana Platform can no longer process the Azure metrics.

Therefore, it is recommended that you note the expiration date of the secret key that is created during integration configuration and renew the key prior to expiration.

  1. In Azure, access the app registration for the Virtana Platform integration you created,

  2. Navigate to Azure Certificates & secrets and the Client Secrets tab.

  3. Click + New client secret, provide a description, and select an Expiration for the key.


    When the secret key expires, Virtana Platform will not be able to collect data from Azure until a new secret key is generated. Therefore, selecting the longest possible period before the key expires is recommended. Update the key prior to the expiration date.

  4. Click Add.

    The Secret is now listed in the Client secrets section.

  5. Copy the Secret’s Value.


    The access key is only shown in the Azure portal for a few minutes.

  6. In Virtana Platform, navigate to Settings>Integrations>Cloud Providers and open the integration configuration that contains the expired key.

  7. Paste the Azure Client Secret Key into the Access Key field and Save.


This completes updating an expired Azure secret key.