Collected Metrics

If you are seeing metrics that will not collect continually, there are two common scenarios:

  • Your agent-based (Linux, Windows) collector has metrics that are not available anymore being collected

  • Your agentless-based collector (AWS, Azure) is collecting metrics from a service that’s not being used, e.g., a lambda function not firing or an SQS queue is empty.

Removing these metrics from being collected is the optimal solution.

Remove via Agent Based Collector

Use a metric whitelist or blacklist for agent-based collectors

Example Blacklist you could use a negative lookahead (?! ) to specify a group that cannot match after the main expression–if something matches, the result is discarded: metrics_blacklist = elasticsearch.indices.(?!_all$|datastore$|docs$)

Remove Via Agentless Collector

Tweak your filtering in CloudWisdom; if that does not work, you may be experiencing ingestion issues.