Linux Agent

Set Logs to Debugging Mode

To set the Linux Agent logs to Debugging Mode, update the netuitive-agent.conf file.

  1. Navigate to the netuitive-agent.conf file.

  2. Update level = INFO to level = DEBUG.

  3. Save and restart your agent.

    # to increase verbosity, set DEBUGlevel = DEBUGhandlers = rotated_filepropagate = 1

Need Help?

  1. Save as Zip File

    Copy /opt/netuitive-agent/bin/get-support and paste it into your command line interface to zip up your agent configurations, logs, and system metadata. The file will be stored in /opt/netuitive-agent/

    Success Message:

    Collecting logs and configuration.... creating file.... Please open a support case and upload /opt/netuitive-agent/support-YYYYMMDD_173454 with a detailed description of the issue. Thank you

  2. Send Zip to Support

    Open a support ticket by emailing with the file attached and a subject / message body describing the issue(s) you experienced.

Docker Container Agent

Agent Logging

Agent logs will not be available from the netuitive-agent container directly, as they’re redirected to stdout via /proc for viewing from the docker CLI. See

To change the log level, you may pass the desired level (ERROR, WARN, INFO, DEBUG) via the initial docker run command using the -e flag. docker run -d -p 8125:8125/udp --name netuitive-agent-e DEBUG-e DOCKER_HOSTNAME="my-docker-host" -e APIKEY="my-api-key" -v /proc:/host_proc:ro -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock:ro netuitive/docker-agent

To view agent logs from the Docker CLI run docker logs netuitive-agent

Configuring APIKEY with [removed]
Configuring HTTPVAR with https
Configuring loglevel with DEBUG
Configuring interval with 60
Configuring APIHOST with
Configuring HOSTNAME with my-docker-host
Configuring LISTEN_IP with
Configuring LISTEN_PORT with 8125
Configuring FORWARD_IP with
Configuring FORWARD_PORT with 8125
Configuring FORWARD with False
Starting Services...
[2019-04-05 21:31:50,999] [MainThread] Changed UID: 0 () GID: 0 ().
[2019-04-05 21:31:51,730] [INFO] : Listening on