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Trend Matcher

The Trend Matcher analytic correlates user‐selected trends (for example, unusual events like spikes or dips) to other related activity in the environment. Use this information in root cause analysis to determine how entities in your infrastructure impact each other.

Three Trend Matcher scenarios are included specifically to support the Isilon Integration:

  • Protocol Latency Identifier

    Identifies if a storage protocol latency correlates to a service protocol change.

    For example, log in/log out IOPS increase as read latency increases. Specifically, starting with an estimated completion time (ECT) metric for NFS3, NFS4, SMB2, CIFS, HDFS, HTTP, FTP, iSCSI, see if it correlates to a spike in a service protocol such as Audit, Network Lock Manager, LSASS, etc.

    This is available for any estimated completion time (ECT) metric on an IP Address, Isilon User or Isilon Node entity, matching to the node service protocol metrics.

  • Protocol Command Identifier

    Identifies the protocol sub-command contributing to the change in IOPS or Byte Rate.

    This is available for Total IOPS/Total Byte Rate for all protocol metrics on IP Address, Isilon User, Isilon Node, and Isilon Cluster entities.

  • Bandwidth Utilization Identifier

    From a cluster, finds the node contributing to the increased byte rate/package rate. From a node or node port, identify the protocol that is contributing to the packet/byte rate.

    This is available for Isilon Cluster, Node and Node Port, port utilization and packet metrics.