The Optimize Module

Optimize is one of the modules in the Virtana SaaS platform for migrating and optimizing hybrid and multi-cloud environments. The Optimize module in Virtana Platform helps you identify potential cost savings with your cloud service providers (CSPs), opportunities for optimizing resource usage, and CSP billing details for your environment.


The Optimize module incorporates a Cost Saving Opportunities dashboard, a Bill Analysis dashboard, and a Cost and Utilization dashboard.

The Bill Analysis dashboard allows you to view data across all of your AWS or Azure services. This dashboard shows all services and provide reports for an overall view of your AWS or Azure cost.

The Cost Saving dashboard provides insight into idle resources in your environment and provides reports with recommendations for right-sizing your compute instances.

The Cost vs Utilization (CvU) dashboard offers insight into resources that might be under- or over-utilized. CvU provides customizable reports so you can view data from various perspectives.