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Test Progress

Running Tests


Tests that are actively running are in the Running state.

The time bar indicates the current Workload run Elapsed Time and estimated time remaining.

Completed Tests


Completed Tests show the Finished state.

The time bar indicates the actual Workload run Elapsed Time. For example, if a Workload was configured with a Duration of 3 minutes, but completed within 2 minutes and 15 seconds, the Elapsed Time is 2 minutes and 15 seconds.

Use Reconfigure Test to return to the Workload with the exact configurations used when the Test Result was created.

Other States

Other States might be observed as well during a normal workload test run. Those other States are usually transient and short-lived, unless otherwise specified. Those other States indicate what WorkloadWisdom is processing before and after the Running State or Finished State.

These following States might be observed:

  • Starting. Content of the workload test is being generated and uploaded to the Workload Generators.

  • Stopping. Workload test has been requested to stop running. The test ports are being prepared to return to idle.

  • Downloading. Workload test has finished running. WorkloadWisdom is downloading the test files collected at the end of each workload test run

  • Waiting: Workload test is queued to run next, when the test ports required are no longer in use.