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Test Files

This section provides downloadable content at the end of a test run for a variety of uses, including offline analysis using 3rd party CSV editors, or export to TDE, or more commonly, share files with Support for assistance.


Export all config and results: at a high level, this exports a single .zip file that includes three types of content: Workload Test, Test Bed, and available post-test files (logs, summary files if enabled, alert files, and trace files if enabled) that are collected on a per-port basis. Each of the three types of content is in a .zip file itself.

Note: if you are to import the exported single .zip file into another WorkloadWisdom (for example, sharing with colleagues, customers, or vendors), you need to unzip the .zip file, because upon import, you need to import the Workload Test file using the import Workload Test function, and import the Test Bed file using the import Test Bed function. The post-test files cannot be imported because they are designed for use outside of WorkloadWisdom.

When you work with Support, it is often and common that you will be requested to use this function to provide the information necessary for Support to provide better assistance.

Export all charts CSV: this exports all cumulative time-series data into a set of CSV files on a per-port basis and (mostly) per-protocol basis.

Per port post-test files: this section provides the ability to collect a specific type of post-test file on a per-port basis. When multiple Workload Generator Ports are used in a Workload Test Run, each port will collect the same set of files individually (if enabled).

  • Log: This is a text-based log that the Workload Generator collects, and it provides additional details that are not normally needed by users, but can give insight into specific issues and data that were observed during a test run.

  • Summary: If you enabled the option retrieve summary files when you started a Workload Test Run, this button will be available. Downloading summary files can take a long time, as some summary files can be many GBs large if it was a long test run.

  • Alerts: This is a proprietary file format that provides the information that is used by the Errors section of the Results Dashboard. Generally there is no need for you to view the Errors details using these post-test Alerts files, as you get the same set of information in the Results Dashboard within WorkloadWisdom. However, when working with Support, this file can be extremely important.

  • Trace: If you enabled the Tracing option when you started a Workload Test Run, the resulting trace file (usually .PCAP) can be downloaded.