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Test Beds

A Test Bed is a test environment in which a Workload Test runs. You can separate the test definition and environment by using a Test Bed. This makes it possible to easily and flexibly run a Workload Test on different test environments, by simply selecting a different Test Bed when you run a Workload Test.

At a high level, a Test Bed defines the following:

  • One or more Workload Generator client Test Ports

  • One or more client and/or initiator addresses

  • One or more Services, often the System Under Test, where each Service is defined by:

    • A storage protocol

    • A server IP address or an FC Target WWPN

    • Additional mandatory information for the selected storage protocol such as Shares for SMB or AWS Region for Amazon S3

  • One or more Links that connect a Workload Generator client Test Port to a Service