Manage Sub-Accounts

You can create Sub-Accounts if you need multiple, separate CloudWisdom accounts under one Master Account. Sub-Accounts are created by adding a new admin user’s login credentials and company name to your Sub-Account roster.


Sub-Accounts are not available by default. Contact your Virtana rep or submit a ticket to get access to Sub-Accounts.

Create a Sub-Account

  1. Navigate to Account Profile > Sub-Accounts.

  2. Select ADD SUB-ACCOUNT. A modal appears.

  3. Input a First Name, Last Name, and Company.

  4. Provide an Email and Password for the admin user of the Sub-Account.

  5. Save to create the Sub-Account and its first admin user.

All admin users in the parent account are able to assume the credentials of users in the sub-account and use CloudWisdom as those users.