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Storage Load Testing

WorkloadWisdomStorage Load Testing (SLT) (formerly WorkloadWisdom and Load DynamiX® Enterprise (LDX-E), is the only Storage Performance Analytics and Performance Validation Solution in the market today that is designed to model your own production workloads. You can use SLT to acquire workload profiles directly from your live production storage environments. You can also recreate those workloads in the lab for planning, evaluation, optimization and problem resolution or troubleshooting.

Understanding real application IO workloads has traditionally been one of the most challenging barriers to storage performance validation. The ability to understand real application I/O workloads marks a major step forward in enabling organizations to perform storage validation across their critical applications.

Whether you work at a storage or network technology vendor or at an enterprise IT organization, SLT simplifies your storage testing and evaluation process and empowers you with an unprecedented level of insight into your application workloads.


The Storage Load Testing Appliance is a web-based analytics and performance validation management appliance. It is easy to deploy and available as either physical or virtual appliance that provides you with:

  • Production workload acquisition and characterization

  • Easy to use workload characterization and modeling

  • Automated Storage array performance profiling

  • Advanced Storage and workload analytics and reporting

  • An enterprise class test and lab management