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Start Composite Workload

Click Start to access the Start Composite Workload page, where you can specify runtime options each time. If you do not want to change the runtime options, click the Start.


Optionally add text to describe this instance of the composite workload run. The text entered is displayed and saved in the Results Dashboard for this instance of the composite workload run.

Tracing Parameters

You can optionally enable tracing for a composite workload when you run a test. If you set it to disabled, tracing is turned off for all ports used in the composite workload. If you set it to enabled, tracing is turned on for all ports in the composite workload. See Tracing Parameters.

Test Configuration

  • Retrieve summary file. Downloads a proprietary Virtual Instruments summary file at the end of the test run. Only enable this option when requested by Virtual Instruments Support.

  • Enable per-LUN Stats in Log. Produced a log file at the end of each test run. If you are running an FC or iSCSI Workload, you can optionally enable per-LUN statistics in the log file, which provides statistics on a per-LUN basis. Enabling this has an impact on performance, so it is recommended to use this option only when you are troubleshooting.

Run it on

Select the test bed that you want to run the Composite Workload on. If you have defined a test bed already in the Composite Workload, then that test bed is displayed by default. You can optionally use a different test bed.

Conditions & Actions

Optionally select one or more conditions you have created to apply to the Composite Workload run. See Conditions & Actions for details.