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Software Upgrade

Use the IPM Software Upgrade task on the Settings tab to upload an update of IPM to the Appliance or Virtual Edition.

About This Task

If provided an experimental bundle by technical support.


  • You must have downloaded the update bundle to a place from which your web browser can access it.

  • You must have administrator privileges on IPM.

  • All users, other than the administrator performing the upgrade, must be logged out of IPM


  1. From the Settings tab, click Software Upgrade.

    The Software Upgrade page displays.

  2. Use the Browse button to select the update file.


    To complete the next three steps, there must be sufficient space on the Appliance or Virtual Edition. If there isn't enough space, you will see a message similar to what is shown below.

  3. Click Upload to upload the selected file.

    The Software Upgrade page displays file upload and validation progress. If validation is successful, the update is ready to apply.

    If installing a bundle provided by technical support outside of the normal release cycle, it might not be signed for general distribution. These bundles display a warning notice that you are uploading an experimental bundle. See "Installing an Experimental Bundle" if you see that warning.


    Uploading an update of Virtana Infrastructure Performance Management does not actually update the Appliance, rather it uploads an update of Virtana Infrastructure Performance Management to a staging area in the Appliance.

  4. To apply the IPM update, click the Update button.

    When you click Update, the Info dialog box is displayed.

    If you decide not to apply the bundle, click Remove File to clear the staged bundle.

  5. Click OK to confirm the update.

If the update requires an appliance reboot, a status box displays instructing you to wait for IPM to come up and stating that you will be redirected to the IPM login page when the process completes.

IPM update reboots your system without warning when the progress reaches 100%. If the page does not automatically update after 10 minutes, manually refresh the browser.