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Slack Integration


New in IPM version 7.1.6 is the capability to configure alarm notifications for Slack™. Follow these steps to configure the Slack Integration.

  1. Create Slack channel(s) that will receive alarm notification data. You may create either a single channel or multiple channels for Info, Warning, and Critical alarm notifications.

  2. Obtain Webhook URLs for each channel you wish to configure in the Slack Integration.

    1. In Slack, navigate to Organization > Administration > Manage Apps.

    2. Select Custom Integrations.

    3. Select Incoming WebHooks.

    4. Click on the Add to Slack button.

    5. Select a channel and then click on the Add Incoming WebHooks integration button.

    6. Copy the information in the Webhook URL field and save for use in configuring the Slack Integration in IPM.

  3. Navigate to Settings > Slack Integration as shown above.

  4. Click the Enable Slack Notifications checkbox.

  5. Click on Add Channel.

    1. Fill in the Channel field. This is the name of the Slack prepended by a hashtag symbol (e.g., #ipm-app-notifications).

    2. Fill in the Webhook URL field that you saved in step 2f above.

    3. Click the Send Test Message button. You should see a message that looks like the following in your Slack channel.

  6. Configure Default Channels. Select an appropriate Slack channel for each category of Alarms: Info, Warning, and Critical.

The Slack Integration page will look like the following when configured.


Following is an example of an alarm notification.