Sharing a Report Template

You can export and import reports from/to VirtualWisdom. This feature is used to import the standard Services reports into your VirtualWisdom platform. Reports are imported using the JSON file type.

Exporting a Report

Click on More, then select Export > File for Import to export a report using JSON format.


The file is downloaded to your local drive.


Importing a Report

  1. From the Reports home page or the Report Templates page, click on the More button, and then select Import Report.

  2. Select the report .json file to be uploaded.

    Note that the file extension must be lowercase, e.g., .json (not .JSON).


The report is opened and displayed in VirtualWisdom. The report is automatically saved on import and will be visible in the list of saved reports on the Reports home page.

You may need to set the variable before data is displayed.

Bulk Report Import

You can import multiple report templates by combining their .json files into a .zip file and uploading the .zip file using the Import Report feature.

Follow these tips to ensure a successful import:

  • All .json files in the .zip file must be valid VirtualWisdom report files

  • The .zip file size should be less than 5 MB

  • Do not import .json files which are not reports, or import empty .zip files

All .json files contained in the .zip file are validated prior to import. Any .json files failing validation will cause the import to fail with an error message containing the .json file name and the error encountered.


If multiple report template files fail validation, the number of files failing validation is shown, and the error encountered is shown for the first file that failed validation.



Importing the same .zip file more than once will result in duplicate reports being created in VirtualWisdom.