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Selecting a Topology View and Entity

Each topology map is tailored to a given technology, or view, that you select. Views allow you to visualize the datapaths and how various entities interact within that technology, all the way to the storage level. Topologies display hierarchically, from left to right.

As an example, you might view the datapaths of all of your Tier 0 applications from the perspective of your Fibre Channel network, then change the selections to view Tier 0 application datapaths on NAS technology.

You can also temporarily filter out various entities that display in the topology map. This can provide a simplified view of segments of a complex topology.

You can either create a new topology map to view, or you can choose a topology map that was previously saved.

  1. Select the arrow on the View field to select a view. The Default view shows you all of the entities and their relationships across all integrations.

  2. All infrastructure types are displayed, e.g., VMware vSphere, FC SAN, and PowerMax, as shown in the image above.

  3. Select a starting point for your topology using the Show Infrastructure Related to pane.

  4. Choose an entity type then use the drop down arrow to select an entity from the list of existing entities.

  5. The selected entity’s name is shown in the panel on the right side of the page.

  6. The window pane on the left shows you the end-to-end infrastructure supporting the application across all infrastructure types. It also shows you the other applications that belong to the tier.

  7. Hovering over an entity highlights the entity and its relationships across the end-to-end infrastructure while the unrelated entities fade into the background.

  8. Drill down on an entity to expand the view to include its sub-entities. A dotted line denotes the topology for the entity. You may be able to drill down multiple times. Click the x to return to the higher-level view.


Selecting an alternate view

  1. You can switch to a different view of the infrastructure by clicking on the down arrow in the View field.

  2. The selected infrastructure will be drawn using data collected from the specified integration. In the example shown below, the same application entity is shown with only the VMware infrastructure supporting the application visible.