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Select Statistics for Iteration Results

When an Iteration Suite is started, an Iteration Results table is provided to display the results, along with a brief description of the Iteration Parameters, for each Iteration. The Iteration Results table can be accessed while the Iteration Suite is running and after the Iteration Suite completes.

The Statistics you select will be displayed in the Iteration Results table. However, WorkloadWisdom collects all Statistics available from the selected Workload even though they are not displayed in the Iteration Results table. You can access all Statistics collected from each Iteration by clicking on the Status for a specific Iteration, which will take you to the full standard Results Dashboard provided for the Selected Workload.


For most Workloads, the default Statistics are protocol Throughput (average), protocol IOs Succeeded/sec (average) and protocol Average Response/Latency Time (average). You can add and/or remove any available statistic. It is recommended that three (3) statistics are selected for display and performance reasons.