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Running Workload Suites

Find the workload suite you want to run, and then click Start to proceed.

Review the list of workloads in the workload suite to make sure the list is correct.

When running the workload suite, you can set it up to use one or more test beds under the Run Mode settings.

Three Run Modes are available:

  • Use the test bed defined in each Workload. Each Workload runs on the test bed that is specified in the workload setting. For TDE workloads with the Run As-Is option configured, the setting is honored. Workloads that do not have a test bed specified are skipped.

  • Run sequentially on One Selected test bed. Workloads execute sequentially on the specific selected test bed. Use this run mode if you want to control the execution order of the workloads and the specific test bed.

  • Run Simultaneously on Several test beds. Run as many workloads as possible from the pool of applicable test beds. Use this run mode to minimize the total workload suite execution time. This run mode does not require a specific test bed for a specific workload. To identify the test beds used by this workload suite in simultaneous run mode, assign one or more unique tags to the test beds. In the following example, all test beds with the highlighted tags are applicable.