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Right Sizing Reports

Right Sizing is the practice of finding the perfect balance between cost efficiency and stability for each of your resources. The Virtana Platform Cloud Cost Management (CCM) module provides several tools that help you understand the current performance of your workloads and their true needs—both now and in the future.

With Right Sizing reports, you can view details about your CSP instances to determine what actions you might want to take to improve efficiency, save money, etc. Right Sizing checks daily for updates, but runs a report once a week on Sundays at 13:00 UTC.

The 7-day timeframe for Right Sizing reports is optimal. If the report cycle were fewer than 7 days, you could miss key events, such as a back-up that occurs once a week. A longer time period could result in undersizing a resource, as the number of days the resource is less active could increase and dilute the overall utilization analysis.

The performance metrics sample rate that feeds the algorithm is based upon a 5 minute period for AWS and Azure. The right sizing calculations are performed once per day based upon this collected data.

On the Right Sizing tab you can easily compare week-to-week savings. If you click the date range above the Right Sizing table, you can see the Right Sizing Analysis Range. If you select a date range, Cloud Cost Management (CCM) recalculates the savings results for the selected period against the latest policy applied to the compute instance. If changes were made to the policy after the time when the report data was initially captured, those changes will be reflected in the recalculated output and might change the projected savings value.

Viewing AWS Data in Reports

Use the Right Sizing report to analyze cost data across all of your consolidated or linked AWS accounts. Right Sizing assesses your current usage and recommends changes to potentially improve performance or reduce costs. The report provides a comparison of current costs and proposed costs based on the current instance type being used and a proposed instance type.

Each recommendation found in your AWS EC2 Right Sizing report compares your EC2’s attributes and utilization against the most currently available AWS SKU Library to determine what combination woud best suit your existing workload needs. You can also add optional constraints (such as CPU utilization not exceeding a particular level) to guide our recommendation results and discover other use-case driven savings opportunities.

Viewing Microsoft Azure Data in Reports

Compare your current virtual machines against Azure’s most recent SKUs to find the best fit for your workloads and your budget. The Azure VM Right Sizing report enables you to leverage your historic workloads to truly right-size your resources.

You can add optional constraints (such as CPU utilization limits) to further contextualize recommendations and highlight different savings opportunities across your portfolio.

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