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Resources for View Test Results

You can also create a report by applying a report template to one or more completed workload tests, including those which were run as part of an iteration or workload suite. You can use a report template to define the types of charts and the statistics to be included the report.


Reports create visual and insightful reports from your test runs. Use reports to take one or more supported statistics from your test runs and plot them on charts.

You can create reports that compare how:

  • Different storage arrays perform using the same workload

  • Storage infrastructure handles a workload as the number of IOPS increases

  • Storage infrastructure handles a workload as the block size changes

  • Throughput, IOPS and latency trend over time for a workload

  • Latency changes as throughput increases

This list displays some of the reports types that you can create using the WorkloadWisdom.