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Resource Groups Page

On the Resource Groups page, under Cost Management >Governance , is a list of pre-existing groups These groups are empty and need to be configured before data can display under Cost Details on the Overview page. You can access the policy configuration for these groups by selecting the name of the resource group.



You must initially configure the pre-existing resource groups for Application and Business Unit before cost data can display in these widgets on the Overview page. All other cost data should display automatically, without additional configuration.

The resource group list displays the following:

  • The name of the group

  • The number of entities associated with the group

    The entity count is determined by the specific tags selected for the accounts in the group.

  • The tags assigned to the group

You can use the Quick Filter to search for specific resource groups. Any part of a term will provide results and search is not case sensitive. So, for example, "app" and "ion" will both display the "Application" resource group. Search is applies to the content of all columns, so you can search by group name, entity count, or tag.

Configure Resource Group Side Panel

You can open the Configure Resource Group flyout panel by clicking the name of any resource group. The configuration panel has a tab for assigning rules and a tab for previewing the configuration results.


Entity Assignment Rules Tab

From this tab you can select the accounts to be included in the resource group. You can also assign tags to further limit the resources in the group. Only resources that are assigned the tags you select will be included in the group.

You can select one CSP and one tag for each rule, but you can include multiple accounts for each CSP. To include multiple CSPs or multiple tags, you can add additional rules.

Results Preview Tab

On this tab, you can preview the results of the configuration you selected. A table displays the name of each resource in the group, how many entities are included for each resource type, and which tags are associated with each resource.


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