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Resizing Virtual Edition and Distributed Virtual Edition VMDKs

For some deployments, the default VMDK allocations may not be sufficient. In those cases, it is possible to resize the VMware VMDK.


For Distributed Virtual Edition deployments prior to IPM 7.1.4, Virtana strongly recommends increasing the size of your VMDKs to 540 GB (500 GB for general use and 40 GB for swap space).

Follow these steps to resize your VM VMDK.

  1. Backup your IPM instance: Settings > Backup and Restore > Backup Now.

  2. Shutdown your Virtual Edition or Distributed Virtual Edition instance from the IPM UI: Settings > Shutdown Appliance. For Distributed Virtual Edition, this action will shutdown all three VMs.

    For Virtual Edition, monitor the VM in vSphere and wait until it is fully powered off.

    For Distributed Virtual Edition, monitor all three VMs in vSphere and wait until they are fully powered off.

  3. Follow VMware's instructions for increasing the size of a VMDK. Before resizing, ensure that the datastore(s) for the VMs have adequate space for the re-sized VMs and for any snapshots you wish to leave space for.


    For Distributed Virtual Edition, please ensure the VMDKs are all the same size.

  4. For Virtual Edition, restart the VM.

    For Distributed Virtual Edition, restart all three VMs, one after another; order is not important.