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Report Templates


The Report Templates pages displays a list of all the saved report templates in your portal. You can use a report template as a starting point for IPM reports. Report templates are already populated with charts, entities, and metrics. Many include report variables that can be used to filter the report for a specific entity or set of entities.


From the Report Templates page you can perform the following actions:

  • Create new report templates

  • Run a report template

  • Edit a report template

  • Save a copy of a report template

  • Delete a report template

  • Bulk edit report templates

  • Import/export report templates

Bulk Editing and Deleting Report Templates

You can add or remove tags from multiple report templates using the bulk edit feature.

  1. Select the reports to bulk edit by using the check boxes next to their names in the list view.

  2. Click Edit, then click Add Tags or Remove Tags.

  3. You can also delete multiple report templates at once by selecting Delete.

    A template cannot be restored once it is deleted.