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Public API

VirtualWisdom exposes a set of capabilities to the user through its public, HTTP-based REST API ("API"). The API enables access to VirtualWisdom data without using the VirtualWisdom UI, which is often a requirement for users who might want to make VirtualWisdom data available in other applications.

The API is written to the OpenAPI 3.0 standard and, as such, is mostly self-documenting. Virtana provides an OpenAPI YAML file that can be downloaded from VirtualWisdom and used in other applications such as Postman.

All API endpoints function over secure HTTP (HTTPS). The user can choose a language/application/framework of their choosing to interact with the API. All modern languages support HTTP/HTTPS requests through a variety of class libraries and frameworks. Examples are provided using the cURL command. As an alternative to viewing VirtualWisdom data via its web-based UI, the API provides stateless access to the following categories of VirtualWisdom data: inventory (entity) and metrics data.

The API is backwards compatible across minor and patch versions of VirtualWisdom beginning with version 6.8.3. It is being developed in a manner similar to VirtualWisdom integrations, which may be updated monthly.