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Preparing to Use Cloud Cost Management

Before anyone can begin using the Cloud Cost Management (CCM) (formerly Optimize) functionality, an administrator needs to configure at least one Cloud Service Provider (CSP) integration. See the following content in Virtana Platform Administration:

Configuring an AWS Integration

Configuring an Azure Integration

Configuring a GCP Integration

Any administrator can invite other users to an organization for your company. Invited users receive an email invitation with a link to Virtana Platform. See Logging in to Virtana Platform in the Virtana Platform Administration guide.

Ensure you are running Virtana Platform on a supported browser: Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge.

After logging in to the platform, you can access your Profile to select which page in CCM you want to be your default landing page when you log in. See Managing Your Profile and User Settings in the Virtana Platform Administration guide.

It can be useful to review some of the terminology and concepts specific to CCM before you start to run reports.