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Post-Test Cleanup

You can use post-test cleanup to remove partial[2] or all content in a location specified by a test bed.


Cleanup Workloads can erase all content in the location you specified, whether the content was created by WorkloadWisdom or not.

A pre-test sets up the testing environment and normally includes preparing the content in a file or object system so the workload can be run against it. These contents are created as part of the pre-test. See Pre-Test

When the workload test finishes, content created as part of the pre-test remain. Sometimes keeping the content is a desired result, because it gives a capability to run tests again on the same test environment.

Post-test cleanup is a specific type of workload test that removes all files and directories in a location specified by a test bed, whether the files and directories are created by a pre-test, workload test, or other means. As with all workload tests, you can export this test from WorkloadWisdom, import this test to WorkloadWisdom, or reconfigure it.

[2] For Cleanup Workloads that support partial content filtering.